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October 2013 (Digital Available)
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October 2013 (Digital Available)

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October 2013 will see the Audio Engineering Society return to New York City for its 135th Convention, and Recording celebrates the AES with an issue packed full of high-end advice on tracking, mixing, and more.

Eleanor Goldfield walks us through the tracking process for a band playing live in the studio, to assure that the magic and power of a live performance gets recorded without being diluted by the perfectionism of studio tracking. Sean Shannon teaches us the basics of spectral balancing, and how the frequency content of competing instruments has to be dovetailed for a perfect mix. And Paul Vnuk Jr. explains how we can get the most out of our studio's mic locker and signal processors through gear shootouts -- not the kind we read about in online forums, but the kind we've set up ourselves with gear we already have, to match its performance to our needs.

And there's more! A great recording starts with a great room, and turning a mediocre room into a great one starts with basic principles any musician can apply. Dr. Peter D'Antonio of RPG Diffusors talks to us about the science of why rooms sound the way they do, and gives practical advice on how to make the most of your recording space. We look at a do-it-yourself mixing room on a modest budget that returned stellar results, learn about how the venerable art of tape editing applies to today's DAW world (and to those of us getting that well-loved tape sound by using, well, tape), and delve into the art and science of dynamics control in Eric Ferguson's Recording Fundamentals.

And there's great gear on hand as well, from AEA's latest stereo ribbon microphone and ADAM Audio's dual-woofer A77X studio monitors to Apogee's genre-defining Symphony I/O system and helpful studio tools from Radial Engineering. We take Slate Digital's Virtual Buss Compressors out for a spin, look at a fascinating take on audio mastering... on an iPad... and more!

With all these features and reviews, plus our regular monthly features, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and more, the October RECORDING is simply stellar.


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