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\"Iíve made hit records in some pretty ratty-ass studios, studios that would not qualify as high-tech; Iíve been in some high-tech studios that werenít very inspiring; Iíve been in some bedroom studios that are just wonderful.Ē- Bruce Swedien

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April 2013 (Digital Available)
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April 2013 (Digital Available)

Price: $5.99

CLICK HERE to purchase the digital edition for $4.95

April's RECORDING is on the vital topic of songwriting -- the tricks and practices that will help you realize your goals, building a serious career with real moneymaking opportunities.

All recording musicians and songwriters need great gear, and we start off this issue with extensive coverage of the hot new products introduced at the 2013 Winter NAMM Show.

Robin Frederick has a long and successful songwriting career, and has shared many of her secrets in a pair of books we've reviewed previously; for this issue, she graciously consented to answer a variety of insightful questions covering many different situations faced by recording songwriters. Gary Eskow introduces readers to the promotional power of Nimbit and Facebook. And if it's the bottom line you're most concerned with, award-winning songwriter Erik Alexandrakis cuts to the chase and talks about how to craft your songwriting and your recordings for maximum profitability.

Also in this issue, we wrap up our three-month look into recording the biggest, hugest rock drum tracks you can imagine, offering audio downloads to complete the coverage, and in Eric Ferguson's latest Recording Fundamentals, we continue to deal with the problems and solutions of room acoustics.

We also have a selection of great recording gear for you in this issue, including intelligent nearfield monitors from Eve Audio, a beautiful-sounding and very flexible stereo ribbon mic from Royer Labs, a songwriter's dream workstation controller from Akai, and a 500-Series version of the genre-defining Moog Ladder Filter.

All this plus our regular features, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and more... all of which adds up to an issue that any recording songwriter (or for that matter any recording musician) will not want to miss!

Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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