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January 2013 (Digital Available)
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January 2013 (Digital Available)

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What are you really hearing when you listen to your tracks and mixes? That's the most important question any recording musician can ask, and we provide the answers in the January issue of RECORDING. It's time to put on our listening ears and dive into the wonderful world of monitors and headphones!

Good monitoring has become more affordable than ever, new technologies and refinements on classic approaches to monitor and headphone design are revolutionizing how we listen to music. From entry-level speakers that will fit anywhere and in-ear headphones that will travel anywhere, to world-class monitors and headphones, we bring you in-depth reviews of products by ADAM Audio, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, and Trident.

Beyond reviews, this issue's packed with great advice about choosing and working with monitors, from a monitor-centric edition of our Recording Fundamentals series to an illuminating look at how headphone amplifiers fit into the personal studio experience and a fascinating article about how we hear and process music.

And that's not all! We test out Universal Audio's stunning new Apollo audio interface/DSP engine, take the Lauten Atlantis mic for a test-drive, listen to preamps from Earthworks and PreSonus, look at last-minute gift ideas in the world of iOS apps... and did we mention our coverage of highlights from the 133rd AES Convention in San Francisco? Now we have!

Listen and learn, read and learn... there's something for everyone in the January 2013 issue of RECORDING. Check it out!


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