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ďAs soon as you start relying completely on technology, you may end up with something that only shines on the first listen. What you need is something thatís going to be interesting to you over and over. And the only thing that gives you that is people, because machines donít have a soul.Ē- Patrick Leonard

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December 2012 (Digital Available)
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December 2012 (Digital Available)

Price: $5.99

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December means the holidays, and the holidays means gift-giving... and that means it's time once again for RECORDING's annual Holiday Gift Guide!

Our annual Gift Guides are very popular with our readers, because they're not just marketing hype and press releases; every item listed in the Guide has been tested and approved by our staff so you can buy with confidence. This year's Guide follows the hot trends in music and audio gear with a large selection of music hardware from Akai, AKG, Alesis, Avid, CAD Audio, Korg, KRK, MXL, Unit Audio, Zoom, and more; iOS accessories and apps from Audiofile Engineering, BeepStreet, Blue Microphones, CableJive, IK Multimedia, Moog, Primacoustic, Samson, and more; and a wide selection of books for your holiday reading pleasure.

But that's not all you'll find in this issue! Paul Stamler provides an interesting article on an audio pastime well suited to the holiday season: the capturing of family history and storytelling. Recording Fundamentals starts a series of installments on monitors. We take a look at a fascinating studio rebuild courtesy of designer Chris Pelonis. And there's a report on this year's PreSonuSphere audio event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Whether you're looking for cool audio toys for 2013 or improving your sound today, there's something for you in the December RECORDING!

Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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