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May 2012 (Digital Available)
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May 2012 (Digital Available)

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May is Instrument Miking month at RECORDING! Come join us as we review the latest tools and time-honored techniques for getting the best instrument sounds in your recordings.

The miking fun starts with a fantastic slate of interviews and technique articles that demystify miking for a wide variety of common sources. Beto Hale interviews Jason Guiterrez, whose small studio produces incredible sounds from the magical combination of intelligent miking and analog tape recording. Studio ace Chris Pelonis highlights useful tricks for recording drum tracks and guitar/vocal combinations. Mike Pappas shows how multiple mics are set up across a large stage for an orchestral commercial recording. Eric Ferguson's Recording Fundamentals teaches about mic polar patterns and how they affect your sound. And for the cherry on top, how about a look at a solo piano performance... miked with 16 different mics? Wow!

Moving from technique to technology, we have reviews of seven exceptional microphones of all shapes and sizes, courtesy of AKG, Audio-Technica, Earthworks, and Kel Audio. Also in this issue: a powerful new computer interface from RME, and intriguingly beautiful in-ear monitors from Alclair.

There's lots more to be found in the May issue of RECORDING, so mike up, plug in, and join us for enlightenment galore!


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