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April 2012 (Digital Available)
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April 2012 (Digital Available)

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What are you really hearing? We examine this fascinating question in our April issue, with a look at monitors large and small and some interesting tools for improving your studio's sound.

Brian Gadson, a well-respected LA studio designer, talks about new technologies for keeping studios quiet and comfortable; we take a look at the fascinating room-recording technology known as Ambisonics; and Scott Dorsey teaches how to build a set of useful studio mix-check monitors for well under a hundred dollars.

This issue has plenty of cool reviews, too. In keeping with our topic of the month, we have in-depth looks at speakers from two relatively new names in the reference-monitor business: Sonodyne, whose well-respected line of studio monitors makes its US debut with two very interesting models, and Cerwin-Vega!, already well known for crowd-pleasing bass bins but making its first foray into the realm of desktop monitor systems. Shure continues to expand its high-end headphone line, and we review the brand-new open-backed SRH1440 phones.

We round out the issue with reviews of hardware and software from iZotope, IsoAcoustics, Rob Papen, PSP Audioware, Little Labs, Universal Audio, Tone2, McDSP, IK Multimedia, and others, plus our regular columns, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and more! Get ready to raise your listening game with the informative articles and in-depth reviews in the April RECORDING!


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