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February 2012 (Digital Available)
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February 2012 (Digital Available)

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February's issue of RECORDING delves into a topic that is of the upmost importance to recording musicians -- capturing the perfect vocal. Even a relatively weak instrumental arrangement can soar with the right vocal, but a poorly performed or recorded vocal can sink the tastiest track. So get your vocals right with the help of this month's RECORDING!

We bring you four stellar articles on getting the best possible vocals. Grammy-winning songwriter/producer Sebastian Arocha Morton gives us a revealing interview in which he walks readers through the process of matching a song to a singer and assuring that his work is given the best possible presentation. Sean Shannon's Mixing Workshop returns with a segment on mixing your vocals for maximum impact. Bob Emmet explains how to work within a small home studio to get a big-studio vocal sound. And Frank Gryner finds inspiration and impeccable advice to would-be vocal recordists in the unlikeliest of places...

And that's not all! In a very special dual interview, we look at the past and the future of New York's famed Electric Lady Studios, through the eyes of legendary engineer Eddie Kramer and Grammy-winning mixmeister Michael Brauer, who's garnered fame and won awards for his work with Coldplay, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, My Morning Jacket, Birds of Tokyo, Tony Bennett, and many others.

If you're looking for great vocal-recording gear, the reviews in this issue will put a big smile on your face -- and an even bigger smile on your vocalist's! Check out amazing mics from Earthworks, KEL Audio, Lewitt Audio, and RODE, as well as the amazing Lineage preamp from Harrison and new mic-friendly audio interfaces from M-Audio and Apogee.

Software, soundware, plug-in, and app reviews from Cakewalk, Steinberg, McDSP, and many others round out this phenomenal issue, along with Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, our monthly columns, a look at the TAXI Road Rally, and more. If you've got world-beating vocals on your mind, or you're just curious about the best and the brightest in recording's glorious history and bright future, you can't miss the February RECORDING!


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