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January 2012 (Digital Available)
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January 2012 (Digital Available)

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Happy 2012! We're beating the drum for the start of a great year... and when we say "beating the drum", we mean it! The January 2012 issue of RECORDING is packed full of fascinating facts and great advice about recording drums and percussion.

In this issue, we bring you not one, not two, but four great articles about drum recording. Paul J. Stamler puts on his educator's hat and shares a detailed history of how drums were laid down on tape in the good old days, including reproductions of some famous drum sounds as heard on classic albums. Paul Vnuk Jr. discusses how your studio workflow changes when you have a lot of mics for your kit and when you have only a few... or only one. Michael Nickolas explains how drum panning helps create a unified and musical mix. And our Editor, Lorenz Rychner, interviews a host of A-List studio professional drummers about how they get their signature sounds.

And that's not all! In this issue, we review the new MA-300 multipattern tube mic from Mojave Audio; find out what all the fuss is about with the KH 120, the first-ever studio monitor from Neumann; look at an innovative hardware/software keyboard system from Arturia; and have fun with a selection of useful and inspiring iOS apps.

Want more? How about a full report of new products from the 2011 AES Convention in New York City to sharpen your appetite for cool new toys? And how about the debut of a far-reaching new monthly series on audio fundamentals by Eric Ferguson? All this is coming your way, along with our usual monthly features, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, in the January RECORDING. Take your drum tracks to the next level in the new year!


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