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June 2011 (Digital Available)
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June 2011 (Digital Available)

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June brings us nice weather, blue skies, and all kinds of outdoor fun... but why should you care about that, when you can stay indoors and make music? RECORDING's June issue covers acoustics and studio construction tips, and we have a wealth of great information to help you get the most out of your rooms.

It's always cool when we can get in on the ground floor (literally!) as a studio belonging to one of our contributors is being built or renovated, so we can ask questions, take pictures, and show you how it's done. In this issue, we get to do it twice -- in the burning desert of Nevada where producer/engineer Brian Tarquin takes us from bare walls to a completed studio, and in the freezing forests of Finland, where audio and video producer Otso Pakarinen documents his conversion of a rented office space into a beautiful and nicely soundproofed studio that he and his fellow tenants adore. If you've ever thought about getting your hands dirty and making your room into a real studio, you'll love both of these hands-on articles!

Once you have a room, there are all sorts of products you can use to improve your sound; in this issue, we review a portable mic-reflection control device from Auralex, test-drive a very cool studio add-on from Primacoustic that converts in seconds from a simple wall panel to a mini-iso booth (!), and take on the biggest and baddest of RealTraps' bass control solutions, the monstrous MegaTraps. Finally, we borrow multiple recording and mixing spaces to test JBL's MSC1 monitor controller and room tuning solution.

And there's more: we have reviews of new products from Telefunken, Sound Devices, and more, the latest installment in our ongoing music-business series, a hands-on tutorial on Cakewalk SONAR's Smart Tool, and much more. If you've wondered what you can do to make your room sound better for your music, you can't afford to miss the June RECORDING!


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