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February 2011 (Digital Available)
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February 2011 (Digital Available)

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Computer and plug-ins, or old-school tape... modern control surface or analog console... we argue about a lot of what goes into the recording chain, but it's hard to argue with the first step: a microphone in front of an instrument. In our February 2011 issue, RECORDING delves into the art and science of instrument miking, with tips and tools for all budgets and all experience levels.

We learn about a very special album recording project, where the magical vibe of an old blues recording was re-created by having the entire band playing in one room, and how the miking difficulties of such a setup were overcome. We roll up our sleeves and get into recording drum kits for maximum quality and minimum hassle. A good-sounding string library is made even better by recording live strings over the top. And in an exclusive interview, we go in-depth with recording tricks for several songs on a tribute album to none other than Les Paul, with an all-star cast of guitarists. Those are just some of the studio reports and tutorial tricks we lay out in this issue!

And what would an issue on instrument miking be without a slate of instrument mics on test? Paul Vnuk Jr. records an entire session with MXL's new Revelation tube mic and calls out its unique features and sound. We introduce you to the Bock Audio 195, a surprisingly affordable top-class mic that has been quietly taking the pro studio world by storm. And for you lovers of ribbon mics, we test the new 4050 from Coles, a remarkable stereo mic that actually breaks apart into two mono mics!

There's plenty more to keep you reading and learning. Check out our report from the 2010 AES Convention in San Francisco, with a slew of new gear on its way to our test studios and maybe to your studio as well. We review the remarkable Bella preamp from Prodigy Engineering, plug-ins from SoundToys and Universal Audio, and KRK's newest foray into audio monitoring -- the KNS Series of studio headphones. Our popular series on music business law, "It's Your Music -- Know Your Rights", continues with the sometimes scary details of hiring a manager. All this and more is yours to enjoy in the February 2011 RECORDING. Pick up a copy today and take your instrument recordings to the next level!


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