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January 2011 (Digital Available)
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January 2011 (Digital Available)

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Happy New Year! With the traditional album deal being replaced more and more by new ways of generating revenue, live shows (and the live concert releases that often follow them) are more important than ever. So, for our first issue of 2011, we're kicking off the new year with a look at live recording. In this issue, you can read about capturing the very best from a live concert situation, with tried-and-true tricks and the hottest new live and field recording tools.

Veteran touring engineer Eric Ferguson takes us through problem venues and the many solutions the wise live engineer keeps handy, and educator and engineer Michael Schulze describes practical solutions when recording unusual and tricky combinations of vocals and instruments. Mike Metlay rounds out our coverage with a venue-to-audience discussion of turning a board tape into an Internet webcast.

We also review the newest and best tools for live and field recording: the tiny and very affordable Zoom R24 desktop multitrack recorder/interface, portable digital recorders from Roland, Yamaha, and Korg, a quick look at the JoeCo Black Box Recorder, which lets you capture high-definition multitrack audio from any front-of-house console... and the remarkable PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2, a digital mixer that covers everything from front-of-house duties to full-on studio work with its massive feature list and bundled multitrack software.

Also in this issue, we continue our look at the legalities of a music career by posing a loaded question: do you really need a manager? And for those of you with a technical bent, Scott Dorsey goes deep inside the new AT4080 and AT4081 ribbon mics from Audio-Technica to discover the secrets behind a sound that no other ribbon can imitate.

Whether you're looking to record live concerts or celebrating the New Year in the comfort of your studio, you'll be off to a great start with the January RECORDING!


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