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November 2010 (Digital Available)
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November 2010 (Digital Available)

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In the November 2010 issue of RECORDING, we hand you the keys to the studio -- black and white keys, that is! This month's issue focuses on keyboards and synthesizers in the modern recording musician's workflow, and how you can add keys to your studio with maximum creativity and minimum fuss.

Our lead article breaks down the differences between modern workstations and controllers, talks about what to look for in your studio's keys, and helps you match up your personal needs with products that address them, whether you're talking about a tiny keyboard that fits in your laptop bag or a full-on hammer-action piano keyboard. And since a keyboard is only as useful as your studio helps it to be, we explain how to use MIDI -- that venerable control language that's going on 30 years old -- to integrate your keyboards and sound modules with your DAW.

We're going over the top with keyboard reviews, too, with unique approaches to keyboard-based DAW control and interfacing from Novation and Akai, and cool new synthesizers from Roland and Korg, not to mention amazing keyboard soundware from Vienna Symphonic Library and others.

And we don't stop with keyboard coverage! The November issue includes an enlightening and inspiring interview with jazz guitar legend Larry Carlton, news you can use on protecting your rights and earning your money when making your music available for online download, more information on collaborating and sharing music files between studios, and a slate of awesome reviews including ADAM Audio's hot new monitors, an amazing microphone from Telefunken, and the world-class X-Desk and X-Rack systems from SSL.

Whether you're tickling the ivories or not, you'll find the keys to studio success in the November RECORDING -- don't miss it!


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