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October 2010 (Digital Available)
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October 2010 (Digital Available)

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We all know we could make our studios work better for us, but how precisely do we go about doing it? In the October issue of RECORDING, we take a look at optimizing your studio with reviews of handy tools and interviews with artists and engineers who are making the most of the studio experience.

From Chicago comes a fascinating story of two musicians who converted a walk-in basement into a music-lesson/rehearsal studio, and the engineer who took the space the extra mile and made it into a recording space suitable for the duo's latest CD. Bob Emmet begins a two-part series on exchanging files between studios, a common practice in the modern studio era that doesn't have to end in tears. We review a variety of affordable and amazingly handy studio problem solvers from the Australian geniuses at SM Pro Audio, not to mention an all-in-one desktop recording solution from Cakewalk and a powerful monitor-optimization tool from JBL (not to mention the monitors that go with it!). And studio acoustics expert Brian Gadson fills us in on the wonders of the mysterious substance known as Green Glue....

Also in this issue, we take you to a studio that doesn't really need much more optimizing, at least if you ask the Beatles: Mark Hornsby tells us about a recent project he did at a little facility known as Abbey Road. And we review a new tube mic from AKG, a field recorder from Alesis, plug-ins from Sonnox and Lexicon, Waldorf's powerful Largo software synthesizer, and more.

There's an easy DIY project, a look at the less-famous but amazingly feature-laden DAW software Reaper from Cockos, the latest instalment in our music-business series "It's Your Music-Know The Law", and much more. Maximize your studio's potential with the tips, tools, and tricks in the October RECORDING!


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