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July 2010 (Digital Available)
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July 2010 (Digital Available)

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Summer is hot, and so are the rhythms-RECORDING's July issue is packed full of great information on drums, beats, and percussion! In this issue, we bring you three fantastic tutorials that are guaranteed to get you up to speed on the best rhythm tracks you can deliver.

Joe Albano serves up a doubleheader this issue, completing last month's miking primer with a long look at drum kit miking, and then walking you through an informative step-by-step case study on drum replacement. Michael Nickolas completes the trifecta with a look at why some recording musicians can't get drum loops to sound good in their songs... and how you can avoid the simple mistakes that lead to blah rhythm tracks.

We have a lovely slate of drum-centric reviews on tap, with drum-heavy reviews of mics from Earthworks, Mojave Audio, MXL, and Granelli Audio Labs, plus a look at drum-track creation software both well-established (Toontrack DFH Superior) and brand-new (FXpansion BFD eco). We round out our rhythm coverage with a quick listen to percussion libraries from Sony Creative Software and Big Fish Audio.

Also in this issue: another look at the legalities of keeping your music yours, reviews of the newest mic preamp from Grace Design, a road-ready audio interface from PreSonus, and more! If you're into the beat, you won't want to miss the July RECORDING!


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