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June 2010 (Digital Available)
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June 2010 (Digital Available)

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In our June issue, we dive into the guts and the glory of a topic that's a favorite with almost every recording musician: microphones! The "guts" comes from Paul J. Stamler, who provides us with a fascinating look at the workings of mics-why they sound the way they do, how they work with our other equipment, and what "common knowledge" about them is useful... and what is nothing more than myths and hearsay. The "glory" comes from Joe Albano, who gives us a useful primer on mic placement and applications for a variety of musical sources.

Our Guitar Column takes a look at cool guitar miking techniques, and our Keyboard Column looks at miking electronic keyboards. (And if you're scratching your head and wondering why anyone would mike a synthesizer, you don't want to miss this article!)

Our reviews cover some very cool microphones from makers you might not have heard of, but should. The new 4099 instrument mic from DPA Microphones is reviewed, Scott Dorsey takes apart the "new vintage" Cloud JRS-34 ribbon mic, and we take a look at two marvelous designs from British maker Sontronics-the Sigma and the Orpheus.

If mics aren't your thing this month, don't worry, there's much more: we return to our series on the legalities of protecting your music with the third installment of our series "It's Your Music-Know Your Rights", and we review headphones from Shure, new software from Ableton and Superscope, a handy video/audio recorder from Zoom, and more-over a dozen reviews in all!

Whether you're a beginner looking suspiciously at his brand-new mic purchase and wondering how to actually use it, or an expert looking for new and unusual ideas on how to make mics and music come together, there's something for you in the June RECORDING!


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