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May 2010 (Digital Available)
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May 2010 (Digital Available)

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With the warm weather comes warm thoughts-like having your own successful studio without breaking your budget. Our May 2010 issue addresses that very topic, with articles and reviews on gear that will give you unheard-of power and sound quality at unheard-of savings!

In this issue, we teach you to choose the gear you need for the music you plan to record, and discuss when it's best to hold out for a company's fanciest DAW software and when a more entry-level product will fill your needs.

We look at the acoustics of a good-sounding room, and how to get there without hiring a world-class architect. And in a special article that you'll be referring to for years, Mike Rivers looks under the hood of that most common and misunderstood piece of modern studio gear, the audio interface, and teaches you what you need to know to get the most out of your interface dollar. There's even a tutorial from Keyboard Columnist Devon Brent on building your own rack of hardware synths for less than you might spend on a set of plug-ins.

If you're into the making of great guitar tracks, you won't want to miss this issue's two interviews-Lorenz Rychner gets at the glory and genius behind the blues of Keb' Mo', and Brian Tarquin's Guitar Column features a chat with Steve Morse about his beautiful new album with Sarah Spencer, Angelfire.

And what would an issue of RECORDING be without hot new gear? Check out a great new American-built mic from CAD Audio, the first offering from a Rocky Mountain audio gear designer called Square State Solid State, a portable DSP engine and way-cool plug-ins from Universal Audio, laptop controllers from Akai, and more!

Saving money, spending money, saving your sanity, making your music-you'll find what you need to get you closer to your recording dreams in the May 2010 RECORDING!


Kef America

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