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December 2009 (Digital Available)
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December 2009 (Digital Available)

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The holidays are coming, and the December issue of RECORDING has something very special for our readers -- our 2009 Holiday Gift Guide, with coverage of 33 products ranging from the fun to the functional to the funky. And please note, these aren't just press releases, these are actual reviews with hands-on test data in studios and on stage. Wouldn't it be nice to shop for music technology gear and know that someone tried it and liked it? Now you can, with the nearly three dozen reviews in our Gift Guide!

Our December issue covers interesting solutions to studio problems, where we take a closer look at common questions and come up with practical and sometimes unusual solutions. Got a vocalist in your studio who's nervous and needs help? We offer tips on getting the best possible performance. Need a way to isolate a vocalist or instrumentalist that doesn't take up a ton of room and can be quickly taken apart and moved without tools? Check out the Colton 7 Booth. Are your mixes muddy and flabby in the low end? Learn the secrets of creating tracks with more Boom and less Muck.

Also in this issue: a look at gear repairs and upgrades for readers who want to get more for their money, and the launch of our new Keyboard Column, where we take a recording-centric look at pianos, organs, hardware synths, rack sound modules, and other black'n'white noisemakers.

We also have reviews of a new condenser mic from Mojave Audio, a classy set of speakers from ATC, a pocket-sized field recorder from TASCAM, and a sneak preview of the Novation Launchpad controller -- we got to work with it before the world knew it existed, and you can learn from our experiences.

You have problems in your studio? We have solutions that are easy, practical, and fun, and you'll find them in the December RECORDING!


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