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ďMost of the time, itís not so much the equipment as how you use it. Iíve heard people with really cheap studios do great recordings, and Iíve heard people that have worked in very good facilities come out with awful sounding recordings. So itís how itís used, and the quality of the engineer.Ē- Frank Gambale

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November 2009 (Digital Available)
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November 2009 (Digital Available)

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November is Guitar Month at RECORDING! In this issue, we bring you wit and wisdom on the tracking of tone. Fernando Curiel's amazing article "The Hybrid Guitar Recording Method" not only offers up a deceptively simple way to get the absolute best recorded guitar sounds, but walks you through examples and provides audio content as well. It's not to be missed!

Also in this issue, we hear from some of the greatest guitarists of all time. Joe Satriani, Ted Nugent, and Eric Johnson weigh in on the topic of tone, and we have an exclusive interview with the late Les Paul on his discoveries in the realms of electric guitar and multitrack music recording.

To go with the technique, we also have technology: reviews of some amazing guitar-friendly recording products from Radial Engineering, Eventide, Line 6, and BOSS, plus a close look at the unique and fascinating Vibesware Guitar Resonator, a cool effect that must be heard to be believed!

Beyond the world of guitars, we have reviews on some very cool new Shure mics, an unusual and effective Lexicon audio interface, sweet soundware from MOTU... and a comprehensive and painstaking review of Cakewalk's amazing SONAR V-Studio 700 audio interface/control/DSP system like none other you'll find in print. All this plus our usual features, a controversial guest editorial from a Grammy-winning engineer, and more. Guitars and beyond, you'll find lots to read about, think about, laugh about, and learn about in the November RECORDING!

Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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