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October 2009 (Digital Available)
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October 2009 (Digital Available)

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It's October! Time for the AES Convention, a ton of new recording technology releases, and an issue of RECORDING that's filled to the brim will useful ideas on two of the most important topics our readers want to know about -- Mixing and Mastering.

It's time to take your tracks to perfection with the good advice and useful techniques provided in this issue... many of which come from award-winning engineers who know what they're talking about, yet go against the "common wisdom" everyone supposedly knows. You can find out how Grammy-winner Joe Chiccarelli goes for his best mixes, and learn the simple, basic ideas that get him where he needs to go in a hurry. Mastering guru Bob Katz tells you what you REALLY need to know about mastering... not what "everyone knows is the right thing to do." And we have articles on drum replacement, mixing the oft-abused bass guitar, learning what mastering is all about, and even an article about removing the sound of a room from a recording in that room!

Also in this issue: a comprehensive look at the very affordable, very powerful, very portable, and very VERY cool Zoom R16 recorder/interface/control surface, fantastic mics from Lauten Audio, two very different preamps from Benchmark and Universal Audio, an affordable and great-sounding compressor from Chameleon Labs, and more. There's lots to learn and lots to enjoy in the October 2009 issue of RECORDING!


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