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July 2009
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July 2009

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July is hot, and this month's RECORDING is even hotter! This month, we bring you the centerpiece of the modern recorded song... according to many, the most temperamental and difficult and rewarding track you can record... the human voice. In July, Vocals take their rightful place at center stage!

What does a recording session look like from the vocalist's point of view? What happens when a seasoned singer meets an engineer who wants to change how she records her voice -- Magic, or mayhem? Jazz chanteuse Kendra Shank discusses her latest album, Mosaic, and how a new vocal mic wandered into her studio and shook things up.

Joe Albano brings us a great look at how to mingle tracks from a highly proficient lead vocalist with backing vocals from band members who are... shall we say... not so proficient? Rick Barrio Dill talks about coast-to-coast recording sessions with a vocalist hundreds of miles from his band. And we review a lovely vocal mic from MXL and a fun new vocal processor from Electro-Harmonix, too.

And if you want something that's not vocal, we have you covered. In July, we bring you a look at the guitar tone of Stevie Ray Vaughan, a classic bass recording with Carol Kaye, a Mix Workshop on guitar effects, and a hefty helping of in-depth reviews, from the instant satisfaction of the Alesis MasterControl to the deep and detailed perfectionism of Focal's CMS65 monitors, from the portable power of the Audio-Technica ATH-M35 headphone to the widespread wonder and weirdness of Urs Heckman's latest plug-in masterpiece, the enigmatic Uhbik. All this and more, from the voice to the tracks surrounding it... all in the July Recording!

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