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April 2009
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April 2009

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There's a lot of gloom and doom about how the music industry is dead or dying, but the fact is, there's more music out there for the listening than ever before. The thing that's ailing is the old-school model of music distribution: pay a lot of money (a record label's if you're lucky, your own if you're not), press a bunch of CDs, sell them, get rich... or not. In this issue of RECORDING, we take a look at other ways to get your music heard and enjoyed and make some money in the process—ways to get beyond the CD.

You'll find fascinating articles on alternative distribution, selling your work to music libraries, and even an intriguing look at how—and why—you might want to make your music available for free. There's lots of cool food for thought here... maybe you'll find your path to music-making success.

Also in this issue: a very enlightening interview from ace remixer/DJ Chris Cox on his latest work for Christina Aguilera, full of editing tips you can use in your home studio; a look at the many fascinating software and soundware products on display at NAMM 2009, continuing our show coverage from last issue; an eye-opening tutorial removing seemingly impossible noises from tracks with Adobe Audition 3; and a whole slate of cool reviews, from pocket-sized field recorders to heavyweight audiophile modules and rack gear.

You'll also find our monthly columns, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and a whole lot more. Get beyond the CD—and get successful—with the help of the April RECORDING!

Pick it up now on the newsstand... and so you get your next issue early (and save on cost), why not hit the big red Subscribe Now button on this page and have RECORDING delivered to your door each month?


Kef America

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