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“As soon as you start relying completely on technology, you may end up with something that only shines on the first listen. What you need is something that’s going to be interesting to you over and over. And the only thing that gives you that is people, because machines don’t have a soul.”- Patrick Leonard

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March 2009
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March 2009

Price: $5.99

When you're building your own studio and don't have a huge record-label advance to fund your wish list, it becomes very important to substitute brains for bucks. You want to be sure you're buying the right pieces when you go to the store... and you want to be sure you're getting the most out of the gear you have already. In this issue of RECORDING, we're bringing you some useful hints on getting the most from your gear, both old and new, with examples of how to repurpose your existing equipment, and strategies for sensible gear purchases.

And speaking of new gear: the NAMM show in January defied gloomy expectations and served up a huge helping of new equipment for your drooling pleasure. Check out Part 1 of our 2-part show report in the March issue.

Also in this issue, ace producer Jeffrey Wood of Fantasy Studios in San Francisco gives us an enlightening interview on what it means to be a producer in today's music world. There's a lot to learn from this honored industry veteran.

All this plus a slate of cool reviews (one of which you can check out in full right here on the website), our monthly columns, Readers' Tapes, and much more. You can't afford to make mistakes when buying gear these days—let the March RECORDING help you make the right choices!

Pick it up now on the newsstand... and so you get your next issue early (and save on cost), why not hit the big red Subscribe Now button on this page and have RECORDING delivered to your door each month?

Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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