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“The Residents’ point of view is that they rewrite songs as much as anybody else. But instead of changing the name of it and claiming they wrote it themselves, the Residents keep the name of the song the same and credit the original writer. However, it’s sometimes hard to recognize what claim we’re covering....”- The Residents

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David Moulton\'s Audio Lecture Series, Volume 4
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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 4

Price: $44.95

David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 4: Digital Audio, with ABX Sensory Benchmark Tests and Reference Tones
The fourth volume of the Audio Lecture Series contains the tenth and last of David Moulton's lectures on audio, the topic this time being the nature and pitfalls of digital audio. In this lecture, David explains the idea behind sample rates, bit depths, quantization, dither, and other issues affecting the quality of your digital recordings, all set forth in examples you can actually hear with your own ears in your own studio. There's over an hour of audio on the CD, including not only the Digital Audio lecture but also a series of ABX tests to help you train yourself to hear subtle differences in levels and eq settings. The CD features a useful set of test and reference tones for setting up your studio's audio chain, has a ROM track with graphics for educational use, and is packaged with an illustrated book to help you follow the CD's lessons. If you want to learn how to hear what your music gear is supposed to do but aren't sure what to listen for, these lectures are for you.

Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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