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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 3
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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 3

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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 3: Three Lectures On Equalization
The third set of three lectures in Dave Moulton's set of ten audio lessons are entirely devoted to that most mysterious and deep of audio engineering subjects: equalization. Over an hour of audio, with a book full of diagrams and helpful explanations and graphics on a separate CD-ROM track, helps the listener "hear out" the effects of various types of equalization, graphic and parametric. Concepts like boost, cut, bandwidth and Q are developed in detail, and the audio spectrum is taken apart into octave bands so the listener learns where to find problem instruments and overtones so the equalizer can be used effectively. If you want to learn how to hear what your music gear is supposed to do but aren't sure what to listen for, these lectures are for you.

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