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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 2
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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 2

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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 2: Stereo Miking, Stereo Mixing, Reverberation
The second set of three audio lectures in Dave Moulton's set of ten are available on this CD and book, with over an hour of audio examples and an illustrated guide to the concepts, with graphic files available in ROM for instructors. These lectures deal with issues surrounding the capturing of spatial information in the recording process, with stereo mic techniques and the tricks of the mixing trade, and the creation of spatial information through artificial reverb processing. Panning, delays, psychoacoustics, the various parameters of reverb boxes, and much more are dealt with in depth, with plenty of wide-open spaces to listen to. If you want to learn how to hear what your music gear is supposed to do but aren't sure what to listen for, these lectures are for you.

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