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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 1
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David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 1

Price: $44.95

David Moulton's Audio Lecture Series, Volume 1: Loudness, Compression, Distortion
The first three of David Moulton's ten lectures on audio are contained in this CD/book product, featuring over an hour of audio examples that help you "get the sound of audio into your ears" by listening in your studio environment. The book features diagrams and illustrations to help the reader absorb the concepts being presented, and a ROM track on the CD includes graphic files for projection in class situations. In these first three lectures, Dave and his team introduce the ideas of levels, gain structuring, compressor characteristics and applications, and the various types of distortion that can creep into the audio chain. If you want to learn how to hear what your music gear is supposed to do but aren't sure what to listen for, these lectures are for you.


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