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ďIf youíre run by fear sometimes, you just donít do your best work. I donít want to be 50 years old and turn back and say, ďThat would have been great if Iíd done that.Ē It had to be done now.Ē- Martin Page

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Recording Drums? How many mics do you use?


August 2008
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August 2008

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Outfitting and setting up a studio is a frightening prospect. There are so many things to considerónot just the obvious issues like choosing a mixer or buying a computer, but also many less obvious but equally critical issues. Like making sure your health isnít jeapordized. Or that youíre actually hearing what matters. Or even, heaven forbid, that your studio isnít going to be eaten by bugs while you sleep. (No, really!)

In the August Recording, we look at the easy and the not-so-easy in helping you maximize your studioís potential with articles on audio issues like reducing noise, tuning your room, and getting a good monitoring setup... and important but less-discussed matters like cabling, ergonomics, client relations, moving to suit modern buying trends among studio clients... and yes, dealing with termites! We also have a dozen cool reviews, including a look at two different sets of monitors from KRK, TASCAMís newest Portastudio, and two laptop PCs from ADK Pro Audio that set the bar for what an audio computer should be.

All this plus our monthly columns, Song Production in Pro Tools with Mark Hornsby, Readersí Tapes with Marty Peters, and much more. Whether you work with live drums, percussion, or loops, the July Recording will give you the tools you need to do it right!

Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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