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Six Views Of Drum Kit Miking
Approaches to drum miking from five respected drummers and one studio owner
By Lorenz Rychner

Pat Bautz has provided two audio examples of kits he works with regularly, Pop/Rock (sample 1) and Reggae/Ska (example 2). They're available below as direct links to listen to or download.

David Crigger used the Electri-Fried Blues sample library from Big Fish Audio to build a sample track over which he played some multitracked drums. He collected all of the song's parts into audio files that you should be able to drop into any DAW, line up, and play with. We offer them as a ZIP file with a link below. Beware -- this is well over 200 MB of content and might take a while to download.

Dave Martin has three ZIP files of the drum kits he discussed in the article - two of his contemporary house kit and one of the vintage Radio King kit - played by the late Tommy Wells. These ZIPs range from 35 to 65 MB each.

You can learn more about the audio in these files by reading the article available for purchase online under Recording Drums. Enjoy!


David Crigger's Audio Files - 236 MB ZIP

Dave Martin's Audio Files - Contemporary Kit 1 - 63 MB ZIP

Dave Martin's Audio Files - Contemporary Kit 2 - 38 MB ZIP

Dave Martin's Audio Files - Vintage Radio King Kit - 36 MB ZIP

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