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“Be truthful—again it’s the question of personal integrity. You have to be a little bit obsessive, and you have to know what you’re doing. But after that’s all done, you put the driver in charge as being your soul, your emotion, your gut, your intuition.”- Wendy Carlos

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July 2013 - Nine Guitar Recording Ideas
By John Fishell

Here are the eight audio examples for hints 2 through 9 in John Fishell's article. (Why not nine? Because the first one is a mic placement tip and can't be represented by an audio example.)

The examples include:

2. Crown PZM30 Boundary Mic

3. Direct and Amp Blend

4. Half-cocked Wah

5. Doubling with Capo on 2nd Track

6. Concrete Stairwell

7. Acoustic Guitar pickup

8. Mackie 824 monitors as "speaker cabs"

9. Mackie 1202 preamp run into distortion

All of these tracks have been doubled.


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