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\"Drum machines can play peopleóthatís what rap music is all about, people responding to what the drum machineís giving them. Not that itís bad. Itís not my music, but itís not bad.Ē- Roger Glover

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Recording Drums? How many mics do you use?


November 2012 - Howie Weinberg
The famed mastering engineer masters tracks by his interviewer!
By Paul Vnuk Jr.

A few notes on the tracks: With the exception of the synth lines and piano and all of the instruments are real with just mic-pre, eq and compression. There has been no sample replacement nor any grid quantizing... this is how the band played it!

The album was tracked and mixed both analog and digitally in a hybrid fashion with outboard gear by Chandler Limited, Millennia Media, Empirical Labs, Retro Instruments, Universal Audio, A Designs and Radial Engineering. Slate Digital’s Virtual Console Collection plug-in was used on both songs, on every track, as well as a judicious sprinkling of UA’s new 1176 plug-in, 224 Reverb plug-in, and Softube’s TSAR-1 Reverb.

The two tracks chosen by the band are "Pop Radio 101" and "A Place I Know." Here they are, before and after mastering. (PLEASE NOTE: These are 320kbps MP3 files, much larger than what we usually place on this site. As a result, they take a while to load, especially if you have a slow net connection. Please be patient!)

Pop Radio 101 - Unmastered

Pop Radio 101 - Mastered

A Place I Know - Unmastered

A Place I Know - Mastered

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