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August 2012 - Zynaptiq UNVEIL
By Mike Metlay

Here are some downloadable MP3 files that demonstrate the audio tests involved in my review of the Zynaptiq UNVEIL plug-in.

First there is a raw djembe loop performed by Paul Vnuk Jr. (sample courtesy Sony Creative Software, from the Continental Drift world music loop library). Then we hear the loop through Audio Damage's powerful Eos reverb, which is a "special effect" verb that is very difficult to remove. Then we hear the loop with Eos, processed by UNVEIL. Notice that UNVEIL can't remove this reverb but changes its character in an interesting way.

The same loop is processed by 2C Audio's Breeze reverb, then we try two different sets of settings of UNVEIL to see how much we can remove. In this case, the reverb is minimized very well in both cases, with slightly different tonal effect on the audio.

Finally we have a chunk of a full 2-mix with a vocal that was overprocessed with reverb. UNVEIL is able to focus the vocal and pull it up out of the mix, but with these settings it also "dries out" the reverb on the drum track that comes in. As we said in the article, UNVEIL doesn't create perfectly nonreverberant mixes, but it's a very interesting and powerful audio tool. -- MM


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