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May 2012 - Miking Instruments: The Lost Art
Audio examples to accompany the article
By Chris Pelonis


Here are three acoustic guitar and vocal tracks by artist Mason VanValin, as described in Chris Pelonis's article in the May 2012 issue of RECORDING. They are provided in MP3 format for free download by kind permission of the artist.

Chris Pelonis notes: "While "In Between a Dream 1" and "Lamb" were recorded with the technique described in my article, the song "Buy It Back" was recorded a little differently. It was 1 mono cardioid Manley about 2' in front of Mason and then a Manley stereo in Figure-8 about 12' back in the room. This room is a bit more live then the one used in the other two track recordings. There is no additional reverb or effects on this track."


Kef America

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