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Song Production In Pro Tools
Downloadable Content Archive
By Mark Hornsby

Welcome to the archive page for Song Production In Pro Tools. Here you'll find all of the downloadable files to follow along with the tutorial series. Enjoy!

January 2008: Part 1 -- Pre-Production

In this installment we have the pre-production scratch session as desribe d in Part 1 of the series. 

System Requirements: Pro Tools version 7.0 or later with the Digidesign Xpand! free virtual instrument plug-in, and 40Mb of available hard drive space. 

Download and open the ZIP file below and you'll find the Pro Tools Session file, cache, and a folder of Audio Files ready to play with. Have fun!

February 2008: Part 2 -- Recording Drums, Bass and Piano

For size considerations, this month's ZIP file is broken down into two parts. The first ( has the session folder, a Pro Tools session file, and an audio-files folder with some of the audio files. The second download ( is the rest of the audio files-which will need to be copied into the session's audio files filder before launching the session. After launching the session, you will want to import the scratch vocal track from the pre-production session so you will have it as we move forward of the next couple of months. (File>Import>Session Data) You'll need Pro Tools 7 with the free Xpand! plug-in to make everything work properly. 

These files contain everything in the original session, so you can see exactly how the parts go together-all tracks are 24-bit/48 kHz audio.

March 2008: Part 3 -- Tracking Electric Guitar and Keyboards

March's downloadable session consists of a Pro Tools session with several virtual instrument tracks (Xpand!, Hybrid and Velvet), two stereo audio tracks, and one mono audio track. Download the session and import these tracks in to the master session from last month.

If you don't  have Hybrid or Velvet (Xpand! is a free plug-in, by the way), you can download the bounced audio tracks and import them into your session as well:

April 2008: Part 4 -- Recording Vocals

Import the vocal tracks from the following session into the Master session:

May 2008: Part 5 -- Recording Tools For Editing

No downloads this month.

June 2008: Part 6 -- Editing Drums

This month's download will be the new Master session for editing, and eventually Mixing. It includes a Pro tools session file and audio files, etc., but all the audio files are the same length and can be imported into other DAWs for those following along in other formats.

July 2008: Part 7 -- Instrument Editing

August 2008: Part 8 -- Vocal Editing

September 2008: Part 9 -- Vocal Editing

No downloads this month.

October 2008: Part 10 -- Vocal Editing

No downloads this month.

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