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“That first song on your demo is like a radio hit: you want to hook the listener in the first ten seconds, interest him/her more in the next ten seconds, and if you can really hold them through the first minute they might listen to your whole tape.”- John Simon

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Things to consider before sending your music to a mastering engineer
By Dominick Maita
Understanding the technical details of the final product: UPC, CDDB, ISRC and more
By Ann Blonston
Giving your music the final polish
By Dave Moulton
LPs are staging a big comeback, which means there’s a lot to know before you send your music off for pressing.
By Scott Dorsey
Understanding the art of cutting and pressing vinyl
By Scott Dorsey
The basic tools and techniques of the trade
By Dave Moulton
Getting your tracks ready for the final tweaks
By Phil Demetro
Beyond the basics of mastering
By Seva
The history of mastering and whether we should pursue it ourselves
By Robert Auld
Preparing your music for mastering
By Eric Ferguson

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