Do you use ribbon mics?


How Stuff Works

The place to learn about the technical aspects of recording. Signal levels

Digital Audio

"Don't sweat it, it's only ones and zeroes." Yeah, right, but what do those ones and zeroes MEAN? Find out here!


We all use mics. We love them and collect them and try to find the best uses for them. But we get the most out of them when we understand how they do what they do...

Sound and Hearing

The two most important pieces of audio gear you'll ever own are attached to the sides of your skull. Learn how to take care of them and how they do what they do... and how that can affect not only your musical output quality but also your health and maybe even your life.


Lights blink, needles move... these things are trying to tell us something! But what?

Technical Jargon

If you can't tell ATRAC from NAFTA and you think SMPTE is Ren's sidekick, it will benefit you to learn the language of audio. Read now, understand more later!


Without electricity and electronics, we'd all still be recording acoustic musicians to wax cylinders. Benefit from knowing what goes on inside these boxes when you flip the switch.

Kef America

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