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Studio Furniture

Sometimes it's best to buy premade furniture for your studio needs... but other times, some sweat equity can save you money AND get you set up with furniture that fits YOUR studio, not a room pictured in a catalog. Read on, and get out the saw and measuring tape!


It takes some effort, but you can build acoustic treatments that can greatly improve your room's sound, without spending a lot of cash. Here's how to do it... and advice on when to let the pros do the job for you.

Mods & Upgrades

This is far and away the most popular section of our DIY catalog... microphone upgrades! Get all you need here to turn your good mic into a great mic.


Feel like you want to build a cool new piece of gear for your studio rather than just buying one? There are real advantages, and with help from these guides, it can be easy and rewarding.

Kef America LS50 Wireless

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