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“If you don’t have the technical chops to put together a viable listening medium, all the good ideas in the world won’t get on tape.”- Bruce Swedien

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Which one of these Sound Libraries are you most likely to purchase?


Mixing & Mastering

Learn about everything that happens after tracking - from editing to mixing various instruments to the ins and outs of mastering.


Once you've got your tracks, you'll need to take out mistakes and clean up the material to make it sound its very best. Here are the skills you'll need to get there.


Entire books have been written about turning a collection of tracks into that magical thing we call "a great mix". If you don't have entire books handy, have a look at these great articles to get you started or to polish your mixing craft.


Mastering may be the last bastion of the dedicated professional engineer in the faraway and mysterious studio. Read these articles to learn perspectives on why that can be a GOOD thing... and on what to do when your best realistic option is to master your music yourself.
Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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