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Look here for articles on applied recording techniques and mic placement. It all starts here!

Acoustic Guitar

Tracking the acoustic guitar is a huge subject, because so much contributes to the final sound—player, instrument, room acoustics, mic choice and placement, effects, and more. Here are some timeless articles with solid advice to get you started on developing your own acoustic recording toolbox.

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is the central sound of rock music, and has influenced everything from blues and country to electronica. Whether you're miking a great amplifier, trying to get the best sound from a less-than-great rig, or going direct to your DAW, you'll find good advice in these articles on getting the best possible tone.


Recording the bass can be as straightforward as a simple DI to the console or as complex as multiple mics on an acoustic bass fiddle or giant amp stack. Learn more here on laying down a solid foundation for your rhythm section.

Other Guitars

The archtop, the dobro, the parlor guitar, the pedal steel—scary to the newcomer, each with its own challenges. Pick up some tricks to help get you started.

Drums & Percussion

Miking drums is an art form. You can use as many as twenty mics on a kit, or as few as one. Drums, drummer, room, and mics interact to make magic, and these articles range from basics to truly arcane trickery. Hit it!


The human voice is the most recognizable sound to the human brain. When you get it wrong, it hurts... but when you get it right, it can carry an entire song. Learn to get it right.

Horns & Woodwinds

Whether you're recording jazz, jump blues, R&B, or whatever, a clear and present woodwind track or a slamming horn section can make your arrangement fly. Learn how to handle these instruments when they make their debut in YOUR studio.


Pianos range from battered and creaky old uprights to exquisitely maintained concert grands, and they represent enormous recording challenges... but they're challenges you can meet and conquer, with the right advice.


Violin, viola, and cello, alone or in groups, from the chamber quartet to the stompin' bluegrass fiddler... here's how to get them sounding great in your studio.

Psychology & Coaching

The session's set up, the gear is ready—but the talent is having trouble. Don't despair... get out there, help them give the best possible performance, and be a hero to your clients!

Classical Music

Classical music represents its own particular challenges and goals when compared to rock, country, blues, jazz, or other amplified genres. If you're dipping a toe into these waters, it helps to know a bit beforehand...

Other Instruments

Anything that makes a sound can be miked... but when the going gets weird, the smart recording musician looks to the experiences of those who've gone before in order to get help.

Minimalist Techniques

Recording doesn't have to be a complicated affair. Sometimes you can get exactly what you need with a few mics, a tiny bit of gear... and good ears and a solid skill set.

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