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\"Iíve made hit records in some pretty ratty-ass studios, studios that would not qualify as high-tech; Iíve been in some high-tech studios that werenít very inspiring; Iíve been in some bedroom studios that are just wonderful.Ē- Bruce Swedien

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D&R is a Dutch company founded in 1972 and they have rece...
New D&R Mixing Console AIRENCE-USB
D&R is a Dutch company founded in 1972 and they have recently released a new mixing console with the name AIRENCE-USB.

Designed in a split drop through chassis it is intended to be used for local radio production work in the studio home.

It is budget friendly and based upon digitally controlled analog circuitry.

There is a main unit with a built in USB control section for play-out systems, such as D&R's AIRCAST and this can be extended with a 6 channel slave unit if more mike and line inputs are needed.

It's understandable features makes it the ideal companion for local radio stations looking for a budget friendly ON-AIR/PRODUCTION mixer. Communication from studio to caller and presenter area is part of the design.

The AIRENCE main unit has four balanced, phantom powered mic inputs with inserts for voice processors. There are six stereo line inputs, four USB channels and two built in Telephone Hybrids. The USB control section has 24 free assignable switches and an encoder to control any play-out system.

An unlimited number of AIRENCE-EXTender units can be connected to the main unit.
Each unit holds six Triple inputs, three band EQ, inserts for voice processors and very low noise mike inputs.

For more info visit D&R's website
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