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Get Your Hooks In, and you could WIN incredible recording...
Presonus: Win Big - REALLY Big
Get Your Hooks In, and you could WIN incredible recording packages, including royalties!

We're having a global contest that's completely unlike any contest we've done before! In fact, we believe that this is different than any other contest done before in our cozy little industry. The grand prize is absolutely outstanding: You have a chance to win not only incredible gear but also 50% of the song's final writing royalties!

What's the gist?

A-list producer/songwriter 5aint (Amy Winehouse, Noel Gallagher, Sasha, and Pet Shop Boys, and many others) had the great idea to partner with us for a melody-writing/singing contest open to songwriters anywhere on Planet Earth. (Including residents of other planets and moons proved too complicated. Sorry, Martians and Venusians!)

Here's the short version of how it works:

Click below to Download a stereo mix of 5aint's latest production, "Give2Get", (working title) available as a Studio One Song file.

Don't worry, if you don't own Studio One, you can download Studio One Free or the Studio One Professional Demo to access the song file.

Write and record a vocal melody and lyrics for "Give2Get".

Submit the stereo two-track mixdown as a WAV file (no project files, please) by posting the track to SoundCloud, YouTube, or Nimbit.

Fill out the GetYourHooksIn entry form.

What can I win? Lots! The winning singer/songwriter will be a featured artist on the recording and will receive 50 percent of the writing credit and final writing royalties.

In addition PreSonus will offer the following prizes:

Grand prize (one):
1 PreSonus ADL 700 channel strip
a pair of Sceptre S8 monitors
an AudioBox 1818VSL interface
a copy of Studio One Professional
and 50% of the songwriting royalties when the song is released.

Second prize (two):
1 PreSonus Music Creation Suite recording kit

Third prize (ten):
1 copy each of PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 DAW software for Mac and Windows

Songwriting teams are welcome and encouraged to enter. If a team wins, the winning team can divide the prize any way they choose.

Kef America

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