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"Keyboard For Dummies" Demystifies the World of Electronic Keyboards
The term "keyboard", when used to describe a musical instrument, actually represents a broad range of products. Apart from the familiar black and white keys these instruments can be very different from one another, and can be quite confusing to the person only familiar with the acoustic piano. Enter Keyboard For Dummies (Wiley; November 2013; ISBN: 978-1-118-70549-0), written by music industry veteran Jerry Kovarsky. The book explains in easy to understand language the various types of keyboards, and guides the reader through the selection, setup and use, and interesting possibilities of each type of keyboard.

In Keyboard For Dummies, the reader will learn about the following areas regarding electronic keyboards:
The main categories of classic electronic keyboards through the years, and the technologies behind how they make their sound
The "must have" sounds for each genre of music
How to match up your needs to the right type of keyboard
Practical advice on shopping for, setting up and using the instrument
Simple sound and effects editing tips
Using the features found on portable and accompaniment/arranger keyboards
The basics of reading music, chords and fingering
An overview of both MIDI and audio recording
Possibilities of connecting to a computer or iPad

Included throughout Keyboard For Dummies are tips for developing your musical skills, recommended artists and recordings, and real-world advice that can't be found in the owner's manual. Accompanying the book are over 100 online audio examples where the author demonstrates every significant concept covered, bringing the text descriptions and musical examples to life.

"There are plenty of good books on how to play the piano/keyboard, but I have never seen a title that adequately covers the wide world of electronic keyboards," states Kovarsky. "My career in the music product industry has placed me at the forefront of the keyboard revolution so writing this book was inevitable. And a lot of fun! I hope the readers enjoy it and it helps them on their musical journey."

Available in print and e-book formats. For more info visit

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