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CRAS - The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences Adds...
Arizona Based Recording-Arts School Announces Program Expansion
CRAS - The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences Adds Audio for Broadcast and Live Theatre, as Graduate Receives 1st Emmy Award

Phoenix, Ariz., Friday, November 8, 2013 - As part of its 2014 initiatives, The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS), the premier audio recording school, located in Tempe Arizona, is expanding its program to include audio for live broadcast, audio production for theater, and an expansion of its current curriculum featuring, audio for movies, video game audio, music mixing, recording and mastering. Additionally, a new cycle has been added where students can further explore their own Field of Focus in the previously mentioned areas of employment.

These new additions were in many ways driven by the successes of graduates such as George Kemper. Kemper, who graduated from CRAS in 2011, received his 1st Emmy award for his work as part of the NASCAR On FOX audio crew. This crew that won the Emmy for 2012 Sports "Outstanding Live Event Audio/Sound" was headed by Fred Aldous, a multiple Emmy award winner himself who is also consulting with CRAS on their broadcast curriculum. Aldous' desire to partner with CRAS was spurred by his industry's need for people who understand the unique aspects of TV broadcast, including complex communication systems, connectivity in the field and, working quickly under pressure. These are pillars of the broadcast curriculum Aldous has partnered with CRAS to create.

To accommodate these new areas of study, CRAS is adding Studio E, which is outfitted with equipment and technology specific to live television broadcast. Studio E will be mirrored by the CRAS Mobile Audio Truck, a 40' trailer that students will use, hands-on, for live remotes. CRAS has also partnered with Studer, the industry leader in the manufacture of digital broadcast audio consoles. Students who choose to focus on broadcast audio will have the opportunity to complete the Studer Broadcast Academy, which was developed with Studer in conjunction with CRAS instructors. Students can also gain a Studer manufacturer's certification on the Studer Vista series consoles as used by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Conan O'Brien show, FOX Sports Studios and... CRAS.

For more information, contact Kirt Hamm, Administrator (480) 858-9400/

www.CRAS.EDU / 866 343 0749

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