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To notate music is to look ...
Finale 2014 Is Here - See What's New In Finale 2014
Own the Future

To notate music is to look forward - to the performance, and beyond.

Like you, Finale 2014 looks forward, with many technological investments to Finale's core. These include improved Apple [R] OS X [R] support, a new audio engine, and a completely rewritten file format, providing you with backward and forward compatibility, as well as more flexibility for the future.

Finale 2014 also offers workflow improvements to help you complete more in less time, with more breathtaking Garritan [R] sounds, and notation enhancements designed to produce perfect results without editing.

While others take music notation software development for granted, Finale is doubling down to provide you and your music a clear path to tomorrow.

Finale 2014 offers notation perfection - with less effort

For 25 years Finale's reputation as "the only choice for music notation perfection" has remained unchallenged. With Finale 2014 you enjoy that same level of perfection - we've just shortened the path.

Included are many improvements, based on your requests, that impact how your notation looks before you edit anything. Better automatic results mean you spend less time fine-tuning.

With Finale 2014 you get exactly the notation you desire - quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

If you're passionate about the placement of every rest and accidental, your job just got easier.

If you're not, your music notation just got a whole lot better.

Kef America

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