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“I think working at home is the perfect environment for being creative, but at the same time, if you’re not careful, you can become too much of a perfectionist... I spend hours and hours sitting here working on one mix, only to find myself starting all over again the next day.”- Blues Saraceno of Poison

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Introducing The AEA N22 Microphone
We are proud to announce the launch of the N22 phantom-powered ribbon microphone at this year's AES Convention. The N22 was designed with needs of singer-songwriters and home studio owners in mind. Bridging the gap between vintage and modern, ribbon and condenser, studio and live, the N22 is the perfect companion for musicians and engineers alike.

Hard working artists, honing their musical craft for many years, feel strongly about their personal tone, so they need a microphone that translates their signature sound in a recording. The new AEA N22 delivers on exactly those key points, providing a great ribbon tone without the need for EQ in most applications. Featuring the same Big Ribbon technology that has earned AEA its reputation, the N22 offers an incredible sound in close-mic applications like acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, and drums. The microphone boasts a smooth mid-range sound with stunning clarity due to reduced proximity effect and increased presence.

With phantom-powered electronics and a custom German transformer it achieves optimal performance with a wide range of preamps including USB or Firewire audio interfaces. The highly protected ribbon allows for using the N22 in live sound applications without the need for a pop-filter. At $899 street price it doesn't break the bank, but delivers a handcrafted, US-made microphone that was built to last throughout a musician's career.

The N22 is the first member of AEA's NUVO series of microphones. Rooted in the RCA tradition just like other AEA ribbon microphones, all NUVO microphones are designed to offer a fresh approach to the ribbon transducer and represent Wes Dooley's take on the evolution of the ribbon microphone.

Visit AEA Ribbon Mics at booth #2744 at the upcoming 135th AES Convention in New York, Oct 17-20 to see the N22 for the first time.

We are extremely excited about the N22 microphone and hope you'll have a chance to hear how it can be the missing link in your recording very soon.

Wes Dooley,

Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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