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“It’s really a great time for musicians in their homes, capturing that moment. ‘Demo’ is really not in our vocabulary any more. You just record, and we use what fits. The sketchpad now is more a mental place. That’s a great new era.”- Chris DeGarmo of Queensr˙che

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When you buy a Sound Library, what is most important to you?


SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY - Learn from Grammy Winners!<br />
Win VIP Tickets Or DVDs To Mixing Seminar
SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY - Learn from Grammy Winners!

Khaliq Glover (Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Prince) is a Grammy award winning mixing engineer who has created the "Music Mixing Success Bootcamp". It is a weekend workshop packed with priceless recording and mixing know-how that will transform how you make music forever.

Khaliq is offering you a chance to win VIP tickets to his mind-blowing 2-day bootcamp, valued at $497 each - OR, if you live too far from Los Angeles to attend, you will win DVDs from the previous Bootcamp - YOUR CHOICE.
But you must act fast because you only have about a week and the event is September 6-7th.

"I learned so much and he's already changed my music drastically and now I feel I can take it to a whole 'nother level... It will change the way you make music... incredible."
Gary Talbott

"I didn't just have an "AHA" moment, I had an aha EXPERIENCE."
Sharla Patrick

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