Recording Drums? How many mics do you use?


SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY - Learn from Grammy Winners!<br />
Win VIP Tickets Or DVDs To Mixing Seminar
SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY - Learn from Grammy Winners!

Khaliq Glover (Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Prince) is a Grammy award winning mixing engineer who has created the "Music Mixing Success Bootcamp". It is a weekend workshop packed with priceless recording and mixing know-how that will transform how you make music forever.

Khaliq is offering you a chance to win VIP tickets to his mind-blowing 2-day bootcamp, valued at $497 each - OR, if you live too far from Los Angeles to attend, you will win DVDs from the previous Bootcamp - YOUR CHOICE.
But you must act fast because you only have about a week and the event is September 6-7th.

"I learned so much and he's already changed my music drastically and now I feel I can take it to a whole 'nother level... It will change the way you make music... incredible."
Gary Talbott

"I didn't just have an "AHA" moment, I had an aha EXPERIENCE."
Sharla Patrick

Kef America

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