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Introducing a new breed of compressor, we are pleased to ...
Opti-Mu Prime Compressor Pedal from Lightning Boy Audio
Introducing a new breed of compressor, we are pleased to announce the release of "Opti-Mu Prime." This pedal pushes the limits of natural-sounding compression by using a unique circuit designed by Lightning Boy.

This type of compressor is similar to a vari-mu compressor, but with a tube-driven optical cell controlling the mu. A pair of 12AU7 tubes power this pedal.

One tube is responsible for driving the optically controlled vari-mu circuit, which constantly readjusts the plate voltage of the preamp tube, based on how loud the instrument is being played. Basically, the more compression that's occurring, the cleaner it sounds. Kind of the opposite of an optical compressor, which will tend to distort during heavy compression.

The other tube in Opti-Mu Prime is the preamp tube, which is the only tube in the audio path. This is the only pedal on the market that employs actual vacuum tubes to achieve the compression effect.

There are some vacuum tube-powered compressor pedals, but they are optical compressors, which use vacuum tubes simply for makeup gain. If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing a vari-mu compressor in the studio, you'll instantly recognize the sound of this pedal. Many Mastering Engineers prefer to use vari-mu compressors over all other types of compressors because of their transparent and organic sounding compression characteristics.

Opti-Mu Prime delivers the distinctive qualities of a vari-mu studio compressor in a stomp box format.

Choose True Bypass or Tube Buffered Bypass upon checkout.
Ultra low noise circuitry and a super clean sound.
Switch between Soft & Hard Knee compression characteristics.
Hand-wired point to point with no printed circuit boards!
The only caps in the signal path are NOS Paper in Oil capacitors.
As with all our pedals, the input cap is a hand-made Lightning Boy paper in oil Flux Capacitor.
9v operation. 1 Spot power supply suggested.

Kef America LS50 Wireless

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