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“You don’t have to go to a studio to get a great sound, to get a performance, to get emotion. It’s exciting to think that we as home recordists can come up with material that ends up on the radio, right next to Sting’s album and all these excellent productions.”- Craig Chaquico

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Have you upgraded to Synthogy's Ivory II yet? If not, Jul...
SYNTHOGY - Upgrade To Ivory II In July And Save!
Have you upgraded to Synthogy's Ivory II yet? If not, July is now the best time to get up to date, with more velocity layers, a vastly improved 2.0 playback engine with sympathetic resonance, and tons of new tweak-ready options.

Upgrade from Ivory Grand Pianos 1.0, 1.5, or 1.7 to Ivory II Grand Pianos for $99 (normal upgrade price is $129)

Upgrade from Ivory Italian Grand Exp Pack, or 1.7 to Ivory II Italian Grand for $55 (normal upgrade price is $69)

Upgrade from Ivory Upright Pianos 1.7 to Ivory II Upright Pianos for $89 (normal upgrade price is $109)

These special savings are offered only from now through July 31, 2013!

Don't miss your chance to upgrade from your original version of Ivory Grand Pianos, Ivory Italian Grand, or Ivory Upright Pianos to the extraordinary Ivory II versions at these special prices!

To order in North America, contact your favorite dealer or visit the ILIO webshop. Outside the US please contact your nearest distributor
Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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