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Some rooms just need a little help. That's why Acoustic G...
Acoustic Geometry's
Some rooms just need a little help. That's why Acoustic Geometry is pleased to announce their new series of videos called "Acoustic Interventions", in which some rooms are helped. Knowing that the room is the final component in any audio system is only the beginning - combining diffusion with absorption is the key to better, more balanced sound, one room at a time.

In the first "Acoustic Intervention" video, Minneapolis mainstay Old Blackberry Way Studio is the host for the Acoustic Geometry crew as they alter owner Neil Weir's familiar listening environment. Old Blackberry Way Studio is one of the longest-running recording studios in the Midwest. During thirty-plus years of operation, the renowned facility has recorded such outstanding bands as The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, The Suburbs, and Soul Asylum, as well as hundreds of other artists.

Pictured: John Calder of Acoustic Geometry and Neil Weir of Old Blackberry Way Studio

We're proud to say the "Acoustic Intervention" was successful, and the results are happy for all involved. The short "video-vention" can be seen on YouTube and at the Acoustic Geometry website - use the links below.

The Old Blackberry Way welcomes sessions of all lengths and scope including tracking sessions and mixing sessions. To book a session or to talk more about recording, please call 612-203-3861 or send an email to

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