Recording Drums? How many mics do you use?


To celebrate
Sweetwater Mic Locker Giveaway
To celebrate "Mic Month" at Sweetwater, two incredible Mic Lockers will be given away to two lucky entrants. A total of 39 mics, worth $35,000, divided into two packages, will feature mics from Neumann, Shure, Blue, AKG, Miktek, Lauten, Royer, Telefunken, and many more top brands!

Package 1, valued at $20,500, includes 18 mics, and Package 2, valued at $14,500, includes 21 mics. The winner will be announced at the end of May.

To enter to win the Sweetwater Mic Locker Giveaway, go to:

Be sure to check out the amazing deals, including mics, Sweetwater exclusives, and bundles, which will be featured all throughout the month of May at:

Also, 24 months financing is available for many of the top mic brands being featured.

For more information, call a Sweetwater Sales Engineer, toll free, at (800) 222-4700

Package 1
Neumann U87SetZ U87 Set
Shure Beta181StSet Beta 181 Stereo Set
Shure SM57 SM57
AKG C414LII/ST C414LII Stereo Pair
Audio Technica At4050 AT4050 Large Diaphragm
Miktek C5MP C5 Small Diaphragm Matched Pair
Rode NT6 NT6 small Diaphragm
Rode NT1Anniv NT-1 Large Diaphragm
Lauten Atlantis Atlantis Large Diaphragm
Electro-Voice (Bosch) RE20 Re20 Dynamic
Royer R121 R-121 Ribbon
Royer Sling Shock Suspension Shock Mount
AEA R84SLE R84 Silver Limited Edition Ribbon
sE Electronics sEX1StuBun X1 Studio Bundle
Ultimate Support MC125 MC-125 Studio Boom Stand
Ultimate Support ProTT Pro-TT Boom Stand
Ultimate Support ProTshortT Pro--T-Short-T Short Boom Stand

TOTAL Value $20,500

Package 2
Blue Kiwi Kiwi Large Diaphragm
Shure SM57 SM57
Shure SM27 SM27
Beyerdynamic M160 M160 Ribbon
Miktek C7 C7 Large Diaphragm
Miktek PMD4 PMD4 Drum Mic Bundle
Rode NT2000 NT2000 Large Diaphragm
Rode Procaster Procaster Dynamic
Rode M3 M3 Small Dynamic
Rode iXY iXY XY stereo mic for iPhone 30-pin
Lauten Torch Torch Small Diaphragm
Lewitt LCT640 LTC640 Large Diaphragm
Telefunken M81 M81 Dynamic
Mojave MA101SP MA-101 Stereo Pair small diaphragm
Audix SCX25 SCX25 Large Diaphragm
sE Electronics SE2200a2C SE2200a2C Large Diaphragm
Ultimate Support ProTT Pro-TT Boom Stand
Ultimate Support ProTshortT Pro-T-Short-T Short Boom Stand

TOTAL Value $14,500

Kef America

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