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“I ran the tracks, the music stops, the dead rat takes a solo. Nothing happens. I turn around and say to my assistant, ‘You a**hole, get out there and put the mic in the right place. About four inches up and a little to the left.’”- Jack Douglas

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Blue Stage, a monthly magazine app for the iPad, offers y...
Blue Stage iPad Magazine By Sennheiser
Blue Stage, a monthly magazine app for the iPad, offers you all colours of sound wrapped in one arrestingly new interface design. From out-of-studio recording to capturing the sound of supercars, from the changing face of DJ culture to the constant appeal of musical icons such as P!NK - we unfold the fascinating world of sound for you for free!

Includes amazing prizes that money can't buy!

In the latest issue, we look at DJ culture, its ever changing face, the forces behind, and the faces up front. Meet experienced and upcoming artists, watch them perform, enjoy their tracks, and learn how the high art of breaks, beats and scratching is going to evolve in future.

Requires iOS 5.0 or higher. Download from

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